Tuesday, December 22, 2009

'Tis The Season

My mother, in town for only 12 hours and already having her way with all my food.

Just a quick blog update, since we're verging on the holidays and Mother Humble arrived in Seattle this morning.

These events will likely contribute to somewhat sporadic posting to the blog this week. There is plenty to be done and I will be competing with my mother for kitchen time and of course, all my ingredients.

I also have a couple big baking project to work on. I'll be whipping up two cakes this week and their construction will likely take several days. So, I expect blog posts this week to be rather, you know, cake oriented.

What kind of cakes? Well, you'll just have to wait and see.


  1. :) I never had to worry about that one, just the white glove test...

  2. I can't even imagine what kind of cakes are those going to be, all I know is I'd better prepare to be stunned :)

  3. Thankfully I come from a mother whose cooking experience is limited to Ramen noodles, those frozen chicken patties and Sutter Home white zinfandel. I can just imagine what your version of these in faux cake design would be.

  4. this post makes me glad that i don't have to compete with my mother for kitchen time. i won't even be seeing her for the holidays because she's off to see her new 'man friend'. fine by me!
    you may need to make a time sheet so you and your mother can both get kitchen time lol.

  5. I do most of the cooking in the house...My mom usually never cooks, especially in the holidays! cant wait to see the cakes =^.^=

  6. Looking forward to the cakes, hide the ingredients from your Mom!

  7. I've just made our 'Christmas Cake' - and I'm a bloke!
    I'll admit the decoration does look a bit 'Starwarsy/like a comet'

  8. Today is eve of a important day ,so,

    I’m here to share joy and wish you a merry Christmas full of happiness, a very big hug!

    I found your blog about one week ago, you is a very creative artists, congratulations!

  9. Wow, you are quite busy. I am just sitting on my butt reading this blog while my grandparents are slaving away in the kitchen, haha.

  10. Will Mother Humble also arrange your kitchen?

    When my first child was born my mother arrived while I was still in the hospital (this was before the insurance mandated limit of a day). When I got home I found out she had moved all the furniture to someplace else.

  11. Oh, and I forgot... my husband stopped her when she started to move all the stuff in the kitchen!

  12. She rearranged my spices a few visits back, claiming they were 'disorganized'. I couldn't find anything afterwards.

    Usually, she creates her chaos in our kitchen in a more passive manner. When cleaning up after herself she puts things back in totally random places. Places she feels these items belong. For example, I'm missing the little hand grater I use to zest citrus right now. I went through every drawer in the kitchen while baking today and still didn't find it. She claims no knowledge of it.

    Although, she did buy me a bunch of spices and an idli maker (WOOOO!) while at an Indian market on Wednesday. Doing so has bought her a tremendous amount of kitchen terrorizing credit. She will be allowed to rearrange my spice cabinet again.

    That grater better turn up soon though.

  13. I can sympathize with your pain. While I try to stay out of the kitchen all together...when I do attempt a baking escapade, my mom, who teaching cooking classes, is always right there. Checking each step. When I had a place of my own...always judging me where I put things...this should not go here. Isn't it in your way there. This is a better spot for that. You really shouldn't leave those on the counter...and on it goes. Now, I live with her again...and I like said...I just stay out of the kitchen.
    I do hope those cakes turned out well. I don't know what those pink square things are on the side of your blog but they look just delightful! YUM! Best of luck to you finding the zester grater thing.

  14. LOL...I don't know what that would even be like. My poor mother hates to cook. She marvels at my sisters and I, who all *love* to cook, and says things like, "I just don't know where you three get it from..." lol, mom, neither do we... ;)

  15. hey nice post.....beautiful pies...will surely visit your blog again.....would like u to see your views on my posts also..http://rohinirojindar.blogspot.com/

  16. Okay, I really wish I know you personally so you'd give me some of your products! YUMMY! Can't wait for your Cake blogs. I seriously need a chocolate cake right now.

    Much Love,

  17. Hee, hee... HalfCrazy, I may actually run into Ms. Humble since she is local to me (I love going to the local cake supply store, Home Bake).

    Now, my biggest problem is that my children (and sometimes hubby) hide things in the kitchen when they are putting dishes away.

    Of course there is the borrowing of stuff by the kids. Child #2 cleaned out his room before moving into the university dorm, which involved brining down a large garbage bag of stuff to throw way. In that bag I found several things that I had been looking for! I recently went through 15 year old daughter's room to help her clean so she could move into brother's room. Not only did I find several empty plastic bags, but also two pairs of scissors I that were missing and some of my books.

    Ms. Humble, would you like to borrow some teenagers?

  18. Chris,

    I'm the lady at Home Bake with the toddler in tow. The one grabbing everything she can reach and tossing it into a shopping basket she has commandeered for herself.

    As for teenagers? ACK, no! Well... unless they do dishes. Really though, between my mother, my husband and a toddler my cup of trouble runneth over.


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